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AI-Powered Point-of-Care 

Communication Platform 

to reduce medical errors

Patients with communication barriers are 3x more likely to experience preventable medical errors

With inconsistently implemented communication strategies, the care team is unable to get the information they need to make critical decisions on time.

This often results in increased length of stay, poorer clinical outcomes, and medical errors.
Existing high-tech communication tools are underutilized at point of care because they require specialized clinicians at limited capacity and several training sessions with the patient.

Most common communication barriers that can be found in acute care settings:




Patients on ventilators are completely unable to produce speech


Hearing impairments

1 in 8 people above the age of 12 has bilateral hearing loss


Language barriers

About 10% of the US population does not speak fluent English


Mobility impairments

ICU-acquired weakness, sedation, and physical restraints impact patients’ mobility and strength

Transforming patient-provider communication

in acute settings

Our point-of-care communication app is designed for immediate use

by patients and providers with no assistive tech experience.
We focus on supporting the medical team in providing patient-centered care 

for ventilated or post-stroke patients in acute settings.

image (4).png

Improves clinical outcomes

Reduces length of stay & readmissions

image (3).png

Improves provider’s experience

Helps teams perform at their best
& enhances efficiency


Reduces Healthcare costs

Minimizes inefficiencies
& the cost of medical errors


Increases patient satisfaction

Empowers patients
& gives them peace of mind

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